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Responsibly harvested hardwoods from the USA, Canada, Central America, Brazil and Africa.
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With offices in Traverse City, Michigan and Brazil, has one of the world's largest selections of wood slabs and hardwood lumber, in many of the most popular wood species. If you do not see the wood slab, hardwood lumber or figured hardwoods you are looking for, please check out the list of wood slabs and tropical hardwoods available direct from our facility in Brazil. (Click here to view our Brazilian Inventory)

Redwood, Old Growth California wood slabs, boards, lumber and figured hardwoods
If you don't see the wood slabs, lumber, boards or figured hardwoods you are looking for, please call or email.

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Redwood, Old Growth California wood slab or hardwood lumber
Redwood, Old Growth California
Product #1827
3" x 33" to 52" x 90"
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Wood Slab Showroom and Inventory

Rare Earth Hardwoods has the finest selection of rare wood slabs, big wood slabs, exotic wood lumber, flooring inlays, wood borders, wood medallions and figured hardwoods. We are located in Traverse City, Michigan. We are happy to make our Big Wood Slabs available for your viewing and inspection at our Traverse City, MI showroom with advance notice. Due to the size, weight and vast number of slabs that we have in our inventory we require a 24 hour advance notice appointment. With advance notice we are able to locate and prepare your chosen slabs for viewing. Thank you for your consideration.

Shipping Information

FREE SHIPPING: for single or combined slab orders over $500. (Not including millwork)
Slabs over 12' will have a charge of $90 for oversized delivery
Metro zoned areas will have a $90 charge for Metro delivery. (See Below)

Shipping is made either through FedEx or LTL Freight Truck

FedEx criteria are as follows:
A. Girth must be under 130" (rounded up to the nearest inch), and under 103"long.

  1. Girth = 2H + 2W + 1L (2 times height + 2 times width + length)
  2. A board that is 15/16" thick X 8" wide X 56" long has a girth of 74"

B. Weight must be under 70Lbs to a residence or under 150Lbs to a commercial business

  1. Commercial business is according to city zoning ordinance excluding home business, schools, and churches.

C. FedEx shipping charges = $25 packaging/handling + $1/Lb

Freight criteria and charges:

A. Any size order can ship via freight truck

  1. Standard rates BEGIN with orders under 500Lbs and under 12' long
  2. Standard rates BEGIN at $175 to a commercial business and $250 to a residence

B. charges are according to zip codes (some zip codes are considered "Metro" zones)

  1. Metro zones have an up charge of $90
  2. Shipments over 12' long have an up charge of $90

C. Rates do NOT include unloading or delivery into home (customer responsibility to unload the truck)

  1. 1. Any receiving party that authorizes the use of a lift-gate or inside delivery is responsible for additional charges applied to the original order.

D. Shipment may be arranged to be picked up at a nearby shipping terminal in your area at the commercial delivery rate

Return Policy

Every effort has been taken to provide you with quality materials as per your phone order.  If within 24 hours of receiving your shipment you decide that the materials fail to meet your requirements, our return policy is as follows:  100% return guarantee for refund or credit on the purchase price of materials received back at Rare Earth Hardwoods in unaltered, original condition.  All freight charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and cannot be refunded.



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