Satinwood #5642- 15/16" x 20" x 114" FREE SHIPPING within the Contiguous US.


SKU #: B5642



Dimensions (TxWxL) 15/16″ x 12″ x 74″
Weight 59 lbs
Drying Method Kiln Dried
Location Local (US Residents)
ETA from Time of Order 0 - 10 days

Color/Appearance: Heartwood ranges from light to golden yellow, to orangish brown. Whitish yellow sapwood generally paler than heartwood, but not always clearly demarcated from heartwood. Frequently seen with a mottled or rippled grain pattern, resembling ripples in satin fabric, lending to its name satinwood.

Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked, producing an attractive mottle figure, as well as striped or roey patterns on quartersawn surfaces. Texture is fine and even, with a very high natural luster.

Rot Resistance: Rated as very durable regarding decay resistance, though susceptible to insect attack.

Millwork (sanding, prepping) and Finishing (staining, sealing) available on request.

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