Seller Handbook

Each vendor shall be approved by Rare Earth Hardwoods the parent company of Big Wood Slabs.  Approval is determined according to the following criteria:

Vendor shall:

Have a Numbering/categorizing system in place for the easy location of products.
  • Easy to read
Upload pictures, edit content and be available promptly to answer any specific questions on those products.
  • Wetting the product may help show grain and character for picturing. (Optional)
  • Accurately measure Thickness, Width, and Length. Drawing with chalk on product prior to picturing will    help designate where the measurements were taken. (Optional)
  • Modern technology is required to upload content.
  • Take additional pictures upon request within a reasonable amount of allotted time.
  • Edit content if a product was damaged or has drastically changed since the time it was added to the  website.
  • Specify whether other milling or services are available for each product.
  • Ability to check MC (Moisture Content). Specify that it is air dried or kiln dried and what process was used.
Be able to remove the product from the website in the event it was sold in-house, prior to it leaving the facility.
  • When assisting a “Walk-In” client, the Vendor will need to login to the website to verify the product has not already been sold during the duration of the visit and transaction period.
Have the ability to accommodate with shipping the product.
  • Able to send a small sample of each Species to Rare Earth Hardwoods for weight diagnostics purposed.
  • Ability to receive a BOL (Bill Of Lading) either by printing from an Email or by Fax.
  • Banding/Strapping product with a bander utilizing either Metal or Plastic banding straps. Rare Earth Hardwoods can assist on finding tools and materials for this process.
  • Palletizing or wrapping product. Palletizing includes covering the product in either cardboard or plastic and strapping the materials to itself as well as to a single pallet/skid or a customized pallet/skid which is larger than the product being shipped. One pallet on each end of longer products is acceptable.
Constructing a customized pallet for product.
  • Construction materials such as 2×4’s, nails, saw and slat material is required to customize a pallet/skid.
Loading Product onto truck.
  • Loading includes lifting the palletized product either by hand with the Vendor’s own employees, or a fork truck onto the truck/semi or driving it in with a fork truck and loading dock.
Vendors shall only harvest/gather materials legally in accordance with State and Federal regulations.
Rare Earth Hardwoods prefers that materials be gathered under the 3D Hardwoods criteria:
  • 3D = Dying, Dead, and Downed trees.
  • Trees removed from residential properties.