Wood Buying Basics

Slab wood buying can be complex. We are here to simplify the process of finding live edge lumber for your next project. Big Woods Slabs is the largest, most comprehensive site in the country for beautiful hardwood slabs. This is where to find and buy reclaimed or responsibly harvested exotic and domestic wood you need, shipped directly to your home, business or woodworker. To find the visually stunning, hard-to-find find wood slab you’ve been looking for, use our product search to see fine cuts from domestic and exotic lumber suppliers across the country and around the world.

Shop, Sign Up & Ship

Shopping for wood is easy: search by size and dimension, species of wood, and price to see the wood selections most likely to suit your specific needs. Each product listing features high quality images that show the beauty of the grain and color of the wood, as well as specifics about dimensions and price.

Once you find the perfect piece, sign up for a Big Wood Slabs account and place your order, which ships directly to you from the independent supplier. All products are on stand-by and ready to be shipped directly to you.

All the wood on our site is responsibly harvested by vetted domestic and exotic lumber suppliers across the United States and around the world. The wood you find here is either reclaimed, or from hardwood trees that were dead, dying or down.

For example, the owners of Big Wood Slabs have purchased and preserved thousands of acres of South American rainforest to keep it out of the hands of clear cutters. We do not feature products harvested unsustainably, either domestically or overseas.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy seeing all the incredible pieces – from small to large – that nature has to offer.

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