Slab Information

Slab Basics:

Slabs are a natural wood product that may develop character in the form of checking, splitting, cracking, warping, bending, twisting, cupping, etc. These are natural occurrences and are not considered defects.

Slabs are typically shown in a wet and rough state, photographed shortly after cutting, to show grain, color and a finish-like appearance. The original picture may not show all current cracks or levelness of the slab as some character may have developed after the picture was taken. We try our best to update or remove slabs if the developed character is beyond reasonable, but we will gladly send updated pictures upon request prior to your purchase.

Slabs are Air Dried unless stated otherwise.


Slab Maintenance:

Air dried wood is subject to movement and developing character when acclimating and at any time the relative humidity level of the location of the slab changes.

Acclimation is when the moisture level of the slab is adjusting to the same relative humidity level of the location that it is in.

To avoid extreme character changes, it is best to dry slowly and evenly on all surfaces. Slower drying develops less cracking. Evenly drying maintains levelness. An unfinished slab should be kept away from solid surfaces by using supports like saw horses. If one face of the slab dries faster than the other face, the slab will cup toward the drier face as that face shrinks. Even if a slab is elevated on saw horses it may still acclimate unevenly. If a cupping is detected, then the slab should be flipped periodically while it is acclimating.

Finishing the slab promptly will slow the acclimating process. Apply finish evenly on all surfaces. Applying more coats on one surface will create an imbalance and could cause the slab to cup.