Brazilian Ebony/Gombeira #7717- 1-3/8" x 16" x 103" FREE SHIPPING within the Contiguous US.

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SKU #: C7717

Species Brazilian Ebony
Dimensions (TxWxL) 1-3/8" x 16" x 103"
Weight 102 lbs
Drying Method Kiln Dried
Location Brazil
ETA from Time of Order 60-120 Days
Due to the length of this board, it cannot ship via FedEx. If we can cut it, we can save you $225.

Slabs are unfinished and pictured wet to show grain.

Color/Appearance: Olive Brown to Nearly Black

Grain/Texture: Grain is straight with fine texture but can range from ultra-fine to medium.

Rot Resistance: Dense hardwood with good rot and disease resistance.

Millwork (sanding, prepping) and Finishing (staining, sealing) available on request.

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