Garapa #8513- 3" x 18" to 20" x 44"

by Big Wood Slabs

SKU #: 8513

Species Garapa
Dimensions (TxWxL) 3" x 18"-20" x 44"
Weight 180 lbs
Drying Method Air Dried
Location Brazil
ETA from Time of Order 60-120 days

Slabs are unfinished and pictured wet to show grain.

Color/Appearance: Garapa has a golden to yellowish brown color, which darkens with age. The wood is fairly chatoyant, and appears to shift from dark to light coloring in different lighting angles.

Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight, but can also be interlocked. Uniform medium texture with a moderate amount of natural luster.

Rot Resistance: Rated as durable, though vulnerable to termites and other insect attacks.

Millwork (sanding, prepping) and Finishing (staining, sealing) available on request.

Book Matched Slabs
3" x 18" to 18" x 44"
3" x 18" to 20" x 44"

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