Quaruba #2347(LW) - 2-1/2" x 39" to 85" x 72" FREE SHIPPING within the Contiguous US.


SKU #: C2347

Species Quaruba
Dimensions (TxWxL) 2-1/2" x 39" to 85" x 72"
Weight 465 lbs
Drying Method Air Dried
Location Local (US Residents)
ETA from Time of Order 0 - 10 days

Slabs are unfinished and pictured wet to show grain.

Color/Appearance: The wood is pinkish white to pinkish brown. Sometimes lined up traumatic canals. The sapwood is not clearly demarcated.

Grain/Texture: The grain is straight or interlocked and the texture is coarse.

Rot Resistance: Quaruba is poorly durable to fungi and is susceptible to dry wood borers; sapwood not or slightly demarcated (risk in all the wood). Poorly to moderately resistant to fungi according to the species.

Millwork (sanding, prepping) and Finishing (staining, sealing) available on request.

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